• Jeremy Henry

    Campus: Ray Corbett Jr. High

  • Job titles:

    • Ray Corbett jr High Athletic Coordinator
    • 8th Grade Boys Head Football Coach
    • 8th Grade Boys Head Basketball Coach
    • Assistant Boy Track


    • Boys Athletics
    • Boys PE

    All boys are required to wear the uniform.  If the school is out of your size, you can purchase any plain red shorts and a plain grey shirt.  Alsom all boys will need a pair of athletic shoes.






    Contact Info: (please know email will be the best way to get in contact with me)

    Email: jhenry@scuc.txed.net



  • Class Schedule:

    1st period: Boys PE

    2nd period: 7th Grade Boys Athletics

    3rd period: Boys PE

    4th period: Conference

    5th period: Boys PE

    6th period: Boys PE

    7th period: 8th Grade Boys Athletics