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Ms. Serna

Hola estudiantes, even though we will not be meeting in person soon I just want to share that I am thrilled to be your 7th grade Spanish teacher.  I like to smile a lot and travel whenever the opportunity comes.  But I think that with your help, we can continue to travel and explore other Spanish speaking countries virtually.  Life might be difficult right now for many reasons but our imagination and the wonderful world of technology can still takes us to many places.  Hasta pronto (see you soon).

1st pd.  8:05-9:05    Conference

2nd pd.  9:09-9:57    ZOOM 9:32

3rd pd.  10:01-10:49 ZOOM 10:25

                   4th pd.  10:53-12:42  ZOOM 12:05

B LUNCH 11:30-12-03

PRIDE 12:22-12:42

5th pd.  12:46-1:34    ZOOM 1:00

6th pd.   1:38-2:26     ZOOM 2:01

7th pd.   2:30-3:20     ZOOM 2:55

DESCUBRE CON INICIATIVA - La comunicación enriquece el liderazgo.

  • Ms. Serna’s Exploratory Spanish Google Classroom Codes will be a main resource to find information and submit work. (Download Google Classroom as a free app.)


    2nd Period Google ClassroomCode:  7d6ocwh

    3rd Period Google Classroom -  Code:  3w4plbi

    4th Period Google Classroom -  Code:  l42d2ok

    5th Period Google ClassroomCode:  3kqbbyv

    6th Period Google Classroom -  Code:  scfk7u7

    7th Period Google Classroom -  Code:  lmcdure

    Dear Parents and Students:

    Welcome to Señorita Serna’s EXPLORATORY Spanish course. ¡EXLORA CON INICIATIVA! This is a beginner Spanish class to explore and take initiative in building a platform for Spanish I.  It is important to embrace this opportunity seriously because it will give you the confidence to start learning a second language as a friendly and resourceful skill with endless possibilities.

    I look forward with enthusiasm in connecting you to the world of communication that evolves around you on a daily basis.  The goal is to awaken a sincere interest in speaking a second language as a future leadership skill that will impact your Foreign Language education and career orientation.        

    It is essential that your approach towards this class is with a sense of initiative in speaking the language & explore its beautiful culture.  Your participation, as well as collaboration, in completing daily assignments in a timely manner will be of great significance to work together and  accomplish a succesful year.  Please also keep in mind that although virtual learning can have its setbacks with technology, there is always other means of communication.

    Following is my email for prompt communication and tutorial assistance.  Once again, bienvenidos (welcome) a EXPLORATORY. 


    Señorita Serna

    Spanish Teacher 

    Room B122

    Ray D. Corbett Junior High School

    Email: aserna@scuc.txed.net  



     Spanish Classes Supplies List:  Students will be encouraged to keep their work organized in digital folders but a journal of their like can also assist in taking notes and reviewing to serve their needs.


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