Communities in Schools (CIS)




    Communities In Schools (CIS) started at Byron P. Steele High School during the 2011-2012 school year and is available to help teachers and students!

    The goal of CIS is to work with the students to decrease the barriers they face so they can focus on class work and be able to learn each day.

    So what does that mean? Some of the things that CIS focuses on:

    • Counseling services and emotional support
    • Tutoring and Homework assistance
    • Career awareness and college prep
    • Dropout prevention
    • A place to feel support, receive assistance, and work on life’s dreams
    • School supplies, clothing needs, and other referrals as needed

    How does this work at Byron Steel High School?

    • Students are referred by teachers, counselors, administration, bus drivers, friends, parents, self-referrals… anyone who things that CIS can help that student so they can become successful and achieve goals.
    • You can send the student to second floor Q Wing gallery Office Q213.
    • Students will be given a consent form that must be signed by the parent/guardian for on-going service needs (if a student is 18, they can sign own consent).
    • Students are allowed to come to the CIS office, located in the downstairs Q Wing gallery, when needed as long as they have permission from their teacher.
    • Phone calls and emails will also be a great way to keep the communication open between CIS, students and teachers.
    • CIS will not be a hang out; however, it will be a safe place for student to address needs (both academically and emotionally).


    For more information, contact Dan Stanford:



    Phone: 210-619-4075

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