• Welcome to Mr. Conley’s class


    Depending on the class you have with me, you will learn many new and interesting things...some fun, some weird, and some just uhhh.  In chemistry, we will do experiments, mix chemicals and see what happens (then discuss the why and the how); in medical microbiology, we will grow and study bacteria, fungi, etc. and understand how they cause disease in the human body; with dual credit biology, we will get a college level look/ insight into the nature of Nature.

    My class schedule is as follows:

    Period 1 chemistry 8:40-9:25                                                       Period 5 Lunch/ Advisory 12:00-12:45

    Period 2 chemistry 9:30-10:15                                                     Period 6 Dual Credit Biology 12:50-1:35

    Period 3 Conference 10:20-11:05 AM                                            Period 7 Dual Credit Biology 1:40-2:25  (Knight time 2:25-3:10)

    Period 4 Medical Microscope 11:10-11:55 PM                                 Period 8 Chemistry  3:15-4:00


    Tutoring (Starting September 8th)

    My afterschool tutoring times for at-home and in-person are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:00AM and again from 4:00-4:30PM (Links are posted in my classroom)

    My ZOOM class meeting times during the regular school day are : Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:30-11:00AM and again from 12:00-12:30PM (Links are posted in my classroom)


    All classes information will be posted in google classroom.  Here are the codes depending on your schedule:

    Chemistry period 1: svxwyn2

    Chemistry period 2: r6w5w3a

    Chemistry period 8: 4bieae4

    Medical Microbiology period 4: jx5h4up

    Dual Credit Biology/ Dual Credit Medical Microbiology period 6: 6ksg6q3

    Dual Credit Biology/ Dual Credit Medical Microbiology period 7: 327yeko


    Students will also receive Reminds for various things (meeting times, assignments, etc.).  The remind codes are:

    Chemistry (all periods): @kgk4fde

    Dual Credit Biology (all periods): @ahg4b4

    Medical Microbiology: @2hc7e2



    The chemistry textbook link is here.

    The dual credit biology textbook link is here.

    There is no online textbook for medical microbiology.  All topics will be covered via notes and activities.


    Additional information will be provided once you are enrolled in the classroom for your subject (see “Remote Learning Considerations” posted in Classwork for your subject).


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at cconley@scuc.txed.net or 210-619-4000.