Mr. Barrera

  • Bienvenidos a la clase de español 2019-2020

    I will be your Spanish 2 - Spanish AP4/AP5 Teacher / Room Q126

    My Schedule

    Class Period What I am doing Where I am
    1st     8:40 -  9:30 Spanish 2 Q126
    2nd    9:35 -10:30 Spanish AP 4 and AP 5 Q126
    3rd    10:35-11:25 Spanish 2 Q126
    4th    11:30-12:20 Lunch-Duty   
    5th    12:25-  1:15 Spanish 2 Q126
    6th    1:20  -  2:10 Spanish 2 Q126
    7th    2:15  -  3:05 Spanish 2 Q126
    8th    3:10  -  4:00 Conference Q126

    Email me at:

    Byron P. Steele Phone Number: 210-619-4000

    HyperLink to remote learning for all Spanish 2 classes

    HyperLink to remote learning for all Spanish AP 4 classes

    HyperLink to remote learning for all Spanish AP 5 classes

     The assignments for the week will be posted every MONDAY by 8:00 AM and will be due SUNDAY at 11:59 PM.

    I will be holding tutorials using a program called ZOOM that allows for video conferencing.  I will hold tutoring once in the morning 10AM and once in the afternoon 1PM Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    To protect the learning environment all ZOOM video conferencing will be recorded and any inappropriate behavior will be reported to administration. 


     *Instructions for ZOOM

    *Instrutions for Google Classroom:


    REMIND BY CLASS PERIOD - send text to 81010                                       

    1st PERIOD  - @a7k3eb    

    2nd PERIOD - @6272ac    

    3rd PERIOD -  @kbce47    

    5th PERIOD -  @e38e3a    

    6th PERIOD -  @hdgbce                

    7th PERIOD -  @mrjdbarr                

    GOOGLECLASSROOM access  and code by class Period

    1st  PERIOD              code      mel73iy

    2nd PERIOD AP 5     code      gg3d3mm

    2nd PERIOD AP 4     code      prhx45j

    3er PERIOD              code      shqmtmw

    5th PERIOD              code      krbi3xv

    6th PERIOD              code      uk6sgom

    7th PERIOD              code      to3yv5j

    Google Classroom will be the main resource to find information and submit work. 

    Please download Google Classroom as a free app on your phones.