• Ms. Hoes
    Applied Engineering & Honors Chemistry
    Room - Q148

2020-2021 School Year

  • Classes will utilize google classroom. Please make sure you are in the correct class period and that any online tools/websites you log into are being linked through your SCUC student account. 


    Instructions on accessing Google Classroom Here

    Messages will be sent on remind for live tutorial times, upcoming due dates, and informational updates. Please make sure you have joined the correct remind account and have the notifications turned on. 

    Honors Chemistry: Text 81010 the msg @honchem148

    Applied Engineering: Text 81010 the msg @appengr

    Science UIL: Text 81010 the msg @steeleuil

  • Classes will utilize Google Classroom. 

    Students will need access to the internet to log into Google classroom through their SCUC login. Class notes, handouts, tutorial videos, and reference materials will be posted to the classroom. Students will be expected to turned in assignments by deadlines provided. Students can always access their account at the school library at 8:00 am before school or until 4:15 pm, in my classroom (Q148) before school at 8 am or during passing period before their class. 


Tutoring Schedule

Chemistry Team Tutoring Schedule
  • ENGINEERING TUTORING:  Tutoring will be Wednesday Mornings in person and Thursday mornings on Zoom from 8:00-8:25am. 


    Links to Zoom tutoring can be found in your students google classroom. They are welcome to see any of the chemistry teachers for tutoring. 

@Home Student Help

  • Students who are chosing to learn from home will continue to utilize google classroom to access their lessons. These lessons include lecture videos, processing activities, video labs, quizes, and homework. Please know that any comments left in googel classroom do not send a notification to the teacher. If you need to reach your teachers please use remind app or send an email (include your name and class period). 

    @Home students are encouraged to use the tutoring schedule above to get help. I will also be available daily* from 10:50-11:05am & 2:25-3:10pm. These zoom times will be for students to get help on lessons, resolve any issues, ask about grades, or anything else they may need assistance with. Please know I teach honors chemistry and principles of applied engineering so these zoom times will be a combination of students. If you need one-on-one zoom tutoring send me a remind or an email so we can get that scheduled. 

    *Unless schedules for a school or staff meeting. 

Class Schedule

  • Pacing Calendars- course layout and units can be found in google classroom under "reference materials" as well as below. 
    Syllabus- Outlines policies and procedures for the course and are found in google classroom under "reference materials".
    Email me at 
    Phone: 210-659-4000

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