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Mr. E. Paul Hartzog

Welcome to my webpage.  I am a proud life-long area resident and graduate of SCUCISD.

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    Online Learning Information

    Howdy All! 

    Hope all is well and hopefully we will get to see each other’s smiling faces in person soon.  In the meantime, stay safe and let me know if we can help make this online experience easier for you.  I will do what I can to help.

    Your first short assignment will be posted on Wednesday March 25th and will be due Sunday March 29th.  All other assignments will be posted each Monday and will be due the following Sunday.  The only exception is for those who have no online access and must submit assignments directly to the school using the procedures set by school administration.  The following is based on the information I have right now.  Expectations may change from day to day for all of us so hopefully we can all be patient and just roll with it as it comes along.

    Here is some helpful information for you and your parents:

    • All learning will be facilitated using Google Classroom as it has been done throughout the year in my classes.
      • All students are already members of my Google Classrooms and know how to access it. Here are the codes since I am required to post them.
        • 1st Period-AV Production I: oc4oic7
        • 1st and 2nd Period-AV Production II and Practicum/Broadcast: oraay6q
        • 3rd Period-Principles of Arts AV: evcf3p7
        • 5th Period-Principles of Arts AV: bndtpea
        • 7th Period Graphic Design: ydu2bfd
        • 7th and 8th Period Graphic Design II: n6q5jsp

      • I have about half of my student’s parents and/or guardians signed up to receive notifications on Google Classroom. If you have not been receiving the notifications, I will send you an invite if you send me a request by email with your student’s name included.  Once you accept the invite to one class, you should be able to get notifications for all of the student’s classes.
    • Most of the learning will be either short relevant projects, material from the textbook, or worksheets/reviews from relevant online videos.
      • The textbooks for Principles of Arts AV and AV Production classes are available online and access instructions will be posted on Google Classroom. If online textbook access is not an option, a textbook can be checked out to students.  Let me know and I will make sure that happens.
        • There will be no textbook available for Graphic Design Classes.

      • I would like to use Edpuzzle for the online video assignments. This is a nice platform that allows students to watch videos and answer questions.  Students will simply click on the link in classroom and sign up for Edpuzzle using their school google sign in credentials.  If students cannot get onto Edpuzzle, the video link will be posted with the questions to answer. 
        • I will post an assignment just for fun if students want to try to access edpuzzle.  It will be a link in their google classroom.

    • Daily tutoring and technical assistance will be offered using the Zoom platform. This will not be a requirement but will be available twice a day for any assistance needed.  Times and links will be posted on Google Classroom.  Some things to consider:
      • Depending on bandwidth and platform usage, there may be delays and outages.
      • All sessions will be recorded and saved, so consider your background, your dress code and your behavior while conducting business on video platforms. 

    Again, let me know if you need anything and we will get through this together!



    Mr. Hartzog


    In an effort to save costs and reduce the amount of paper sent home, all of my classroom policies and procedures forms have been posted online.  Please click this link, read the policies and procedures, and return the Parent Information Letter/Form by Wednesday August 22nd or at the end of your child's first week in my class.


    Daily Agendas and assignments are now on my Google Classroom Webpage.  Please send me a note to ehartzog@scuc.txed.net if you wish to be included in classroom announcements through Google Classroom.  

    My Daily Schedule

    1st Period  

    AV Production/Advanced AV-Room G211

    2nd Period  

    AV Production/Advanced AV-Room G211

    3rd Period 

    Principles of Arts AV Tech-Room G211

    4th Period 


    5th Period

    Principles of Arts AV Tech-Room G211

    6th Period


    7th Period

    Graphic Design I and II-Room G211

    8th Period 

    Graphic Design I and II-Room G211

    Lab and Tutoring will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00-8:30 AM unless I am absent for the day or have an unscheduled meeting.  I am also usually here Wednesdays after school with film club.  If other arrangements need to be made, please contact me. Students must make advance arrangements and acquire a pass before tutoring.


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