• Welcome  to my classes and to my webpage!  This school year will be like none other you have ever had!  Your other teachers and I are excited to be able to have face-to-face classes as well as remote learning classes.  English 3 and Honors English 2 are writing intensive courses.  

    Class Goals

    English 3:  By the end of the 2020--2021 school year, 100% of Mr. Whitson's classes are expected to meet or exceed proficiency standards established by the ELAR TEKS, as measured by unit tests, common assessments and/or analytical writing standards.  Students are expected to meet standards on the SAT.  The junior year of high school is extremely important in determining future pathways available to the student.  These pathways include post-secondary academic opportunities, opportunities available in the U. S. military forces, and opportunities in the world of work.  The higher the level of intrinsic motivation, the more likely the student will succeed in whatever pathway he or she may choose to pursue.  

    Honors English 2:  Honors English 2 is a rigorous course that focuses on the writing, reading, and analytical skills needed  to provide a strong foundation for students going on to the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Course  (junior year) and the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Course (senior year).  It is the philosphy of CollegeBoard (who writes the AP Exams) and mine that all students who wish to take an honors or advanced placement course should be encouraged to do so, but it is important to recognize that it will be a challenging class, and intrinsic motivation is essential.  Students are expected to be responsible for their behavior, assignments, and any conflict resolution.   


    The classes I am teaching this year are

    English 3: Periods 1, 3, and 4,   

    Honors English 2:  Periods 6, 7, and 8,  

    My Contact Information:  

    Email:    twhitson@scuc.txed.net

    Phone:   (210) 619-4000

    Remind: (see join information below)

    Cell:        (210) 392-6927 (Parents only, please)  Note:  If you call me on this number, and you want a response, please leave a message.  Calls from unknown numbers with no message left will be blocked.


    Tutoring schedule after September 4 (subject to change):  AM Tutoring:  Mondays and Thursdays 7:45--8:15  AM.  PM Tutoring:  By appointment.  Please make appointment at least one school day prior to desired date and times, and I will get back with you.


    My Schedule  (Beginning September 8, 2020)

    Zoom/Tutoring:  07:45--08:15.  M, T, W, Th.  (2 hours per week)

    Rm G208   1st Period    08:40--09:25   English 3

    Rm G208   2nd Period   0930--10:15   CONFERENCE PERIOD

    Rm G208   3rd Period   10:20--11:05    English 3

    Rm G208   4th Period   11:10--11:55    English 3

                      5th Period   12:00--12:45    LUNCH/Paperwork

    Rm G208    6th Period   12:50--13:35   Honors English 2

    Rm  G208   7th Period   13:40--14:25   Honors English 2

    Zoom          Knight Time  14:25--15:10  English 3 and Honors English 2  (3 hours 45 minutes/week)

    Rm  G208   8th Period   15:15--16:00   Honors English 2


    Students.  Be sure you have joined the APPROPRIATE class period.  YOU MUST USE YOUR GOOGLE SCHOOL ACCOUNT TO LOG IN.

    Username:  Last name (up to 13 letters) + First 2 Letters of First Name + Last 3 digits of your ID number.

    Password:  First 2 Letters of your First Name + 6 digit Student ID number (including the leading zero).

    Period 01  English 3:  xt6rn5i

    Period 03  English 3:  xigwt32

    Period 04  English 3:  gjlvgp2

    Period 06  Hon Eng2: yiybsjp

    Period 07  Hon Eng2: 35aeokx

    Period 08  Hon Eng2: e2ne7fq


    All of my students must join his or her class' turnitin.com account whether or not a student is in face-to-face classes are at home classes.  If you already have a turnitin.com account, use the email connected with your account to join my turnitin.com classes.  Please note, you "@scuc.txed.net" will NOT work with turnitin.com.  You must use a different email account.

    NOTE:  There have been several hacks into my turnitin.com accounts.  For this reason, I will be changing the entry information.

    Period 01  English 3:  

    Period 03  English 3:  

    Period 04  English 3:  

    Period 06  Hon Eng2: 

    Period 07  Hon Eng2: 

    Period 08  Hon Eng2: 


    Instructions for Turnitin.com (Submitting Papers)

    1.   Log in and select the appropriate class session.

    2.   Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a green arrow on it next to the assignment you would like to submit.

    3.   The first thing to select “Choose a Paper Submission Method,” which is a drop down menu.  Select whether to “cut & paste” your paper or upload the file.  Either way is acceptable..

    4.   The next two blanks should be filled in with your first and last name (from your account info.)

    5.   If you selected "cut & paste", simply copy the text you are submitting and paste it in the large box below the fields with your first and last name.  

     6.  Submit your paper by clicking on the "Submit" button



    English 3:

    • English 3 students, sign up for my Remind.  Make sure you sign up for the CORRECT course.
    • Text the phone number 81010 with the message: @e968db.
    • Remember that Remind is for my students.  There is a limit to the number of members I can have.

    Honors English 2:  

    • English 2 students, sign up for my Remind.  Make sure you sign up for the CORRECT course.
    • Text the phone number 81010 with the message:  @de8f3a.
    • Remember that Remind is for my students.  There is a limit to the number of members I can have.


    Supplies Needed for My Classes

    Binder, 3" D-ring (please get a plain binder rather than one that zips, is made of cloth, etc.)

    Five dividers with tabs (real ones, please)

    Highlighters (five different color pack)

    Pens:  DARK blue or black AND a red pen.  As long as they are in one of these colors, you may use gel pens.

    Pencil:  #2 regular pencil (not a mechanical pencil)

    Paper:  Standard, lined (standard or college-ruled) paper (3 standard holes on left)

    Spiral notebook:  Standard, lined (may be regular lined or college-ruled)

    3X5 Standard, lined on one side note cards.



    Useful Links:

    Note:  Hold the "Ctrl" key while placing the cursor on the web address and left click once or twice.

    2020-2021 Student-Parent Handbook:  https://www.scuc.txed.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=31995

    2020-2021 Grading Guidelines: https://www.scuc.txed.net/cms/lib/TX02204767/Centricity/Domain/2587/2020-2021%20Secondary%20Grading%20Guidelines%20.pdf 

    Khan Academy:  https://khanacademy.org