Mrs. Rhymer



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rhymer

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Texas Certified 2005



  • The main intent of mathematics instruction at the secondary level is for students to develop mathematical proficiency that will enable them to efficiently use mathematics to make sense of and improve the world around them.

    Homework will be assigned 4-5 times per week and must be completed to ensure success.  You will make mistakes, as that is expected.  You will learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.  It is impossible to tackle a challenge without makeing mistakes.  Learning requires stretching beyond your comfort zone and you will find some new things confusing. 

    Our motto is I will always try, I will #nevergiveup.   


    Practice Good Study Habits 

    • Establish a time for studying. (not the period prior to class)
    • Review class notes BEFORE beginning the new assignment.
    • Complete all homework. One missed assignment could put you behind. 
    • Rework any missed homework problems.   
    • When preparing for a test, don't just look over the homework. Work the problems again.
    • If you do not understand something, GO TO TUTORING!



    A NOTE TO HONORS:  Honors Mathematics courses are intended to be more challenging than standard courses and provide multiple opportunities for students to take greater responsibility for their learning. Honors Mathematics courses should be distinguished by a difference in the quality of the work expected rather than merely by the quantity of the work required.