Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, Magna Cum Laude TX Teacher Cert: 6-12 Speech Communication

Mrs. Easley


I have been teaching Communication classes in SCUC since graduating with my B.A. from UTSA in December 2005. This is my 16th year as a Steele Knight, although most of my previous students knew me as Ms. Manning. I have one daughter who graduated from Clemens HS in 2020, and I was blessed to to marry my husband in the Summer of 2019. We live with our Tortoiseshell housecat named Dusty (pictured).

All assignments, course materials, and resources will be found in Schoology. Students must log in to Schoology through Classlink using their account information.


    Mrs. Easley's Spring 2021 Class Schedule 






     8:40-9:25 am 

     8:40-9:15 am 

     1st Professional Communication 


     9:30-10:25 am 

     9:20-10:00 am 

     2nd Professional Communication 


     10:30-11:15 am 

     10:05-10:35 am 

     Conference Period


     11:20-12:05 pm 

     10:40-11:10 am 

     4th Professional Communication 



     12:10-12:55 pm 


     11:15-11:45 pm 


     ZOOM for @Home Students ONLY 


     1:00-1:45 pm 

     11:50-12:20 pm 

     ZOOM for @Home Students ONLY 


     1:50-2:35 pm 

     12:25-12:55 pm 

     7th Professional Communication 

     Knight Time 

     2:35-3:20 pm 

     1:30-4:10 pm 

     PLC & Planning Period


     3:25-4:10 pm 

     1:00-1:30 pm 

     8th Professional Communication 

    Tutoring/Office Hours: Monday through Thursday via Zoom, from 4:45-5:30 pm, by appointment**  


    Communication with Mrs. Easley

    Zoom: Since Mrs. Easley is currently teaching remotely with a Substitute in the classroom, on-campus students will be ZOOMing with her daily, using their assigned classroom laptop.

    • The daily Zoom link changes weekly and is sent out via Schoology Announcement at the beginning of each week
    • On-campus students MUST log-on to Zoom upon arriving to class EVERYDAY (if you are at home that day, you may still join us at our regularly scheduled class time, OR you may come to the @Home ONLY Zoom time for one-on-one assistance on those days)
    • @Home students MAY log-on to Zoom at the beginning of your regularly scheduled class time, or you may utilize the @Home ONLY Zoom time for one-on-one assistance
    • During the @Home ONLY Zoom time the "waiting room" in Zoom will be utilized so that @Home students can get one-on-one assistance. Please wait your turn in the "waiting room" until Mrs. Easley lets you in. Thank you!

    Student Contact: *Contact Mrs. Easley via (listed in preferred order):

    1. Zoom sessions (during each Professional Communication class and/or during the daily ZOOM for @Home Students ONLY) on school days
    2. Schoology Message
    3. Email

    Parent Contact: *Please contact Mrs. Easley via (listed in preferred order):

    1. Schoology Message
    2. Email
    3. Zoom/phone conferences are also welcomed, by appointment**

    *Zooms are prioritized over Schoology Messages, then emails; I will do my best to respond to all messages/emails within 1 school day

    **Please schedule appointments via Schoology message or email, at least 24 hours in advance


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