General Information - Room Q226


    Zoom tutoring: Monday through Friday at 2:30-3:00 pm on regularly scheduled school days. 

                    Click here to join a Zoom meeting at 2:30

    Virtural Learning: You will need to sign-in to Google Classroom through  mySCUC Potal/Classlink  to receive your assignments . NOTE: you must use Google Chrome to sign-in and you MUST use your school email address and log-in information (see ClassLink sign-in name for directions).   Click HERE for instructions about Google Classroom.  Class codes are located under the specific course on the left-hand side bar.

    Your ClassLink sign-in name will be your school email address, which is your last name + first two initials of your first name + the last three numbers of your student ID and (  Your password is the first two initials of your first name + your entire ID number (make sure to include the first zero).

    Course Information: Select the course on the left sidebar.

    Teacher Contact: Email me at or attend a Zoom session.


     Open door poilicy for morning tutorials starting at 8am.  Afternoons available by appointment only.

    Virtual tutoring is through Zoom.  








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