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    Britney (Crowe) Hernandez

    Britney (Crowe) Hernandez

    Graduation Year: 1998
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Mrs. Hernandez (Google Classroom class codes: Photojournalism [7tug7qf], Yearbook [uucmmzi], Newspaper [vtwpwev], Journalism 1 [mbhqjjx]

  • This is my 23 year of teaching and my 20th yearbook to oversee production. Journalism offers such exciting opportunities for the students, but it has also taken my family to new experiences as well. I worked in Washington DC in July 2019 for George Mason University Media Conference. I have taken my teenage twins to California for yearbook camp. As many opportunities for growth in journalism I seek to take students. We have been to Corpus, Austin, Dallas, Arlington, South Padre Island, and Annheim, CA. I'm not sure what travel will look like for the 2020-2021 school year, but I know that these journalism students will get their eye on the prize.

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  • Journalism  

    Mrs. Hernandez

                Welcome to Journalism!  This is going to be a great year for our staff.  Together we will learn and grow in our community at Clemens.  We will gather many concepts of writing, photographing, organizing and distributing our publications.  


    Daily Schedule 

                           1st Period: Conference

                           2nd Period: Photojournalism

                           3rd Period: Edgenuity

                           4th Period: Advanced Journalism:Yearbook

                           5th Period: Advanced Journalism: Newspaper

                           6th Period: Lunch

                           7th Period: Journalism I

                           8th Period: Business Period




     Schedule for Tutoring

    Tutoring is offered before school from 7:55- bell and after school from 4-4:30pm by appointment.


    Email me: 







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