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    World Geography

    2018– 2019 Class Syllabus

    Instructor:     Mr. Joel Cromer

    Course:           World Geography

    Classroom: B237

    Conference:  3rd Period


    Remind Code: @3cbhh7






                    1st per. Geography rm B237 Google Classroom Code: 3h3iw6b

                  2nd per. Geography rm b237 Google Classroom Code: pl25j7h

                  3rd per. Conference 

                  4th per. Geography rm B237  Google Classroom Code: wmnhb7r

                  5th per. Athletics

                  6th per. Lunch

                  7th per. Geography  rm B237 Google Classroom Code: v7olxyf

                  8th per. Athletics  Field House



    Course Overview:

    The overview of this course will be to explore the world through the the 5 themes of geography.

    These themes; location of a place, character of a place, how people, goods and ideas move between places and how people interact with the natural environment of a place will give the student a global perspective of our ever-changing world.  We will challenge the student to think in complex ways and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to perplexing unknowns.



    Required Material:

    Spiral notebook or Journal and Folder to keep all Hand-outs and returned work (stays in class room)

    Writing utensils – Pens, pencils and map pencils.  The student is responsible for being prepared for class.  Pens, pencils and paper are not provided.

    Class Rules:

    1.     Tardy Policy – Be on Time!  School policy will be followed for consequences.

    2.     Come to class prepared – Bring required materials every day!

    3.     Be courteous – Respect everyone’s space and opinions

    4.     Bring a positive attitude

    5.     Keep the class room clean and neat

    6.     All others outlined in student handbook 

    Grading Policy:


    50% Daily Grades/Formative(home work, quizzes, class work)

    50% Test/Summative Grades



     Pacing Calendar