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  • Welcome Military Families...

    My name is Amanda Ebner. I serve as the Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC) for Samuel Clemens High School and Ray D Corbett Junior High. I work with the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) and the Schertz Cibolo Universal City School District to provide support and assistance to our military connected students and their families.

    MSTCs serve as expert “navigators” and advocate for military-connected students and their families. We help decrease the turbulence in family life by building resiliency in students so that they may more successfully cope and overcome the unique challenges they face in order to meet academic goals.

     MSTCs provide an ongoing continuum of care to help students and parents navigate the often-confusing paths associated with school transitions. This immediate and ongoing care is accomplished by addressing challenges and needs, facilitating connections to school, installation and community resources, and educating others on the unique needs of military-connected students and how to provide the best support possible.


    Glimpse of services that I can provided:

    *     Assistance with K-12 education questions

    *     Recommendations for on and off post services and resources

    *     Facilitate and deliver training on subjects surrounding pre-deployments, deployments and transitions

    *     Assist with school transitions

    *     Help military connected students with academic, personal and social goals

    *     Student peer groups

    *     Assist with navigation of special education programs


    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family!

    Wishing you a blessed day


    Amanda Ebner, M.S. Guidance & Counseling

    Serving Samuel Clemens High School & Corbett Junior High

    Office: (210) 945-6526

    Email me