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    I graduated from UTSA with a Bachelors in English. I come from a military family that allowed me to move throughout my childhood. I have lived in Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, and Italy. My interests include reading, cross stitching, watching movies and TV shows and spending time with my husband, Robert, and my two dogs, Sparkle and Tinkerbell (don't judge). 

    I currently teach English 3, Honors English 2 and am the faculty sponor for Clemens Project Lit Community.  

    Email: cmerriner@scuc.txed.net

    Phone: 210-945-6501

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Daily Schedule

Time of Day Class Period Campus Location Class Taught
8:40 - 9:30 AM 1st H107 English 3
9:35 - 10:30 AM 2nd H107 English 3
10:35 - 11:25 AM 3rd H107 Honors English 2
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM 4th English Office Honors English 2
12:25 - 1:15 PM 5th English Office Lunch
1:20 - 2:10 PM 6th H107 Honors English 2
2:15 - 3:05 PM 7th H107 Conference
3:10 - 4:00 PM 8th H107 Honors English 2

In-Person Tutorial Schedule

Day Time Location
Tuesday 8:00-8:30 H107
Thursday 4:15-5:00 H107
  • Tutorials are subject to cancellation and changes due to availability. Please schedule with me ahead of time to verify that I am available, especially if you are needing to schedule a Zoom meeting with me. It's best to contact me through remind or email. 

  • Google Classroom Codes

    1st period-y5ej3d2

    2nd period-7i4vyix

    3rd period-6c2r32l

    4th period-gcczlzd

    6th period-qrg33bn

    8th period-hi7zdzv

    Remind App Codes

    1st period- @y5ej3d2

    2nd period- @7i4vyix

    3rd period- @6c2r321

    4th period- @gcczlzd

    6th period- @qrg33bn

    8th period- @hi7zdzv