• Welcome to Samuel Clemens High School.

    All registrations are Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM ONLY. The telephone number for registration is 210/945-6518. It is a requirement that a parent or guardian be present at the time their student is registered.

    Please plan accordingly. If you need information faxed to Samuel Clemens High School, our fax number is 210/945-6590.

    Below is information needed for enrollment at Samuel Clemens High School. Your cooperation is appreciated to ensure a complete registration. We look forward to serving you and your student here at Samuel Clemens High School.

    The first step for registration is online through Ascender; a printer is recommended. If you do not have printer, the online portion can be completed at Samuel Clemens. Items required for registration are:

    1. Proof of Address: You must provide proof that you actually reside in our school district; no one is allowed to register without appropriate documentation. Acceptable proofs of residencty are the current month’s utility bill or a current lease; month-to-month leases will not be accepted. If you are building a house or have a contract on a house, you must execute a transfer request prior to registering. If you are living with someone else in the district, a notarized affidavit is needed at the time of registration along with utility bill. If needed, a notary is on campus to notarize.
    2. Immunization Record: Requirement provided by parent on the day of registration.
    3. Student’s Social Security Card: To be provided by parent upon registration.
    4. Birth Certificate: To be provided by parent upon registration.
    5. Current Custody or Legal Guardianship: A student must reside with the custodial parent or legal guardian to enroll in our system. Legal guardianship is court-appointed and we must have a copy of the guardianship papers. If a parent is giving Power of Attorney to a non-parent, a notarized form is required at the time of registration. District Power of Attorneys are available on campus as well as a notary.
    6. School Records: Withdrawal papers and/or transcript, report card from previous school.