• Greg Gibson, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    January 2010 – Present

    E-mail: ggibson@scuc.txed.net

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    SCUC ISD Staff and Stakeholders,

    We are about to embark on another school year. I always like to color my realism with shades of optimism, and 2019-2020 is no different. First, we are gratified a new public education finance bill was passed. It is far from perfect, but it addresses the state’s share of public education funding for the first time in a while, increasing its obligation from 36% to nearly 45%.

    This allows SCUC to hire new teachers, increase the pay for our existing teachers and staff, and continue unimpeded in our Mission to, “…empower all students to fulfill lifelong potential through inspiring learning experiences.

    Our Board-approved Areas of Focus for the 2019-2020 school year incorporates our four priorities, with the overarching emphasis on creating, developing and sharpening leaders at all levels of our school district. We believe every employee can incorporate these Four Traits of a Leader, without needing the designation:

    • Commit to excellence and continuous improvement.
    • Commit to a culture of service.
    • Commit to employee satisfaction and engagement.
    • Commit to effective communication at all levels.

    As many of you may know, I have announced my retirement, to no earlier than January 30, 2020, and no later than August 31, 2020. The Board and I are working in a collaborative, transparent manner to ensure a smooth transition for the next Superintendent of Schools.

    I am confident there will be no shortage of applicants for the position. As we’ve noted before, this is a one-of-a-kind community filled with one-of-a-kind people. SCUC’s greatness lies in its stakeholders, including employees, who personify the Core Values of: Leadership, Character, Commitment, Service, and Learning. Who would not want to come here to live, raise a family, and work with a community whose kinship with the school district is so deeply intertwined?

    I pledge to work hard right up until the final day, whenever that is. It is the least I can do for a school district and community that has given Oteka, my children, and me more than we could have possibly asked or imagined when we came here in 2010.

    Thank you for being part of our Passion and Purpose! See you around the district.

    Dr. G



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