• Our Dobie Counseling Department hours are from 7:45- 3:45 Monday through Friday. We encourage parents to contact us to schedule an appointment prior to visiting campus. We know how frustrating it might be to visit and find we are unavailable. Because we'd like to ensure we set aside enough time to address your concerns, please give us a call or send us an email.  Students may request to see their counselor by filling out a Counselor Appointment Request slip or scanning our QR Code before school, after school or during lunch. We aren't always in our offices, but we do try to see students as quickly as possible.



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    Kindness Boomerang


    National Random Acts of Kindness Week encourages us to put kindness first and share it everywhere we go. Be the unexpected gift to someone this week. Check out the Kindness Boomerang Video for inspiration :)

    Complete the kindness challenge on each day. For every day, you complete the challenge, sign your name or initials. See who in your class or family can complete the most challenges! Print the calendar from the link below.

    February 2022 Kindness Month Challenge


    Practice Kindness and Gratitude but don't forget about yourself! Check out the self love tips below :)
                  Hey its Okay    Self Love    10 ways self love


    "Each February, National Black History Month serves as both a celebration and a powerful reminder that Black history is American history, Black culture is American culture, and Black stories are essential to the ongoing story of America — our faults, our struggles, our progress, and our aspirations. Shining a light on Black history today is as important to understanding ourselves and growing stronger as a Nation as it has ever been. That is why it is essential that we take time to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of BlackAmericans, honor the legacies and achievements of generations past, reckon with centuries of injustice, and confront those injustices that still fester today." - Whitehouse.gov

    Barbara Jordan     Rosa Parks     Maya Angelou

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