Book Exchange

  • Periodically throughout the year, the library will have a Book Exchange. This is a great time to swap out some gently used books from your home collection for some "new to you" books!

    Book Exchange Guidelines:

    - Students may exchange up to 25 gently used books.
    - Books must be: 
    * in good shape
    * appropriate for ages 5-10
    * what "now-a-days" kids like
    - Books will not be accepted if they:
    * show a lot of wear and tear
    * are damaged
    * are outdated
    * are "baby" or young adult/teen books
    * are restaurant books (that come with kid meals)
    - Please make sure all personal information is crossed out before exchanging books.

    How the Book Exchange Works:

    * For the first 2 days during the Book Exchange, students bring their gently used books to the library. Look for Book Exchange hours on notes that go home. 

    * For the last 2 days during the Book Exchange, students come back and pick out "new to them" books from the Book Exchange collection. Students can pick out up to the same number of books they brought in to exchange. 

    Please note there is no guarantee that the student will be able to pick out books that are the same type or quality as the books that were exchange. (For example, the student exchanges hard cover books but may only be able to pick out paperback books.)