Ms. Derry

Phone: 210/945-6501


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Animal Science Meat Science Certification

Ms. Derry

Hello! Welcome to my class and teacher website. I graduated from Texas A&M University with my degree in Animal Science and am now the Animal Science Ag Teacher at Samuel Clemens High School. I am also in charge of goat projects and several judging teams. I am proud to be a buff and cannot wait to have you in my class. 

Class Schedule
  • Syllabus

    Hello and welcome to my class. It is our goal that by the end of this course, you will be closer to being college, career and/or military ready as well as have the basic knowledge in your particular Animal Science class.

    Rules and Procedures

    Learning to Do,

    Doing to Learn,

    Earning to Live,

    Living to Serve

    ·         All restroom and water breaks need to be taken prior to entering my classroom.

    ·         Upon entering my classroom, please silence your cell phone and place in the cell phone station and take your seat. Begin diligently working on the posted pre-assignment. (Quiet whispering is appropriate at this time)

    ·         Once the bell rings and I have taken roll, we will discuss the pre-assignment and begin our lesson for the day.

    ·         Once I begin instruction, please refrain from moving from your assigned seat unless otherwise instructed. (Silence is appropriate at this time) This includes refraining from restroom and water breaks, sharpening pencils, retrieving materials and/or moving about the room in any manner.

    ·         When assigned in-class individual assignments, expectation is that you work diligently in order to complete the assignment. (Silence is appropriate at this time)

    ·         When assigned in-class group assignments, expectation is that every individual participates and works diligently to complete the assignment. (Quiet whisper is appropriate at this time)

    ·         During lab participation, groups will work collectively to where every individual participates and works diligently to complete the lab. (Quiet whisper is appropriate at this time)

    ·         All team members will help set up, break down and clean up the lab.

    ·         During both paper and lab exams, all work is to be done individually. (Silence is appropriate at this time)

    ·         When asking a question and/or in class discussion, please raise your hand in order to be recognized

    ·         Above all, if uncertain, please ASK!

    Grading Policy

    50% of your grade will come in the form of exams & major projects. 50% of your grade will come from in-class assignments and home work.





    My bay door and back door are NOT an exit. We will use them during class as applicable and/or in the case of an emergency

    Fire Drill Procedures: Students will line up at the door and be escorted out by me. The last person in line needs to turn off the light and shut the door.

    Active shooter procedures: Will depend on the situation. Need to remain calm and attune your attention to me. I will lock the door and cover windows.

    Let’s have a great year!

    -Ms. Derry

  • Available upon request.