Welcome SCUC-ISD Military-Connected Families! 
  We are thrilled to welcome you to our SCUC-ISD Military Friendly Community!

  Mother and children Father and Daughter Grandfather Grandsons Father and daughter

  We warmly welcome our
 Military and Military-Connected 
Students and Families

 Our district proudly serves more than 3500 military-connected children across our 16 K-12 schools.         
We recognize the value and importance that our military-connected students and families contribute to our  communities. Children whose parents serve in the military endure high rates of mobility and the effects of multiple deployments. With frequent moves, children experience challenges associated with losing friends, teachers, and the comfort of a familiar environment. SCUC-ISD school communities are committed to supporting military children to address these challenges and promote the resiliency necessary to cope with military life.

SCUC-ISD is highly committed to ensuring excellence in educating
military-connected students and finding better ways to provide
our military families with the support they deserve. Led by the efforts of school staff,
educators, counselors, SCUC-ISD school communities work diligently to support our
military-connected families and address their unique educational challenges.


SCUC-ISD DoDEA Grant Project Director/Military-Connected Family Support  
Dee Ann Thomas, DoDEA Grant Project Director and STEMKAMP/DoDSTEM Grant 2021-2026
    dthomas@scuc.txed.net   (210) 945-6275

Joint Base San Antonio School Liaison Office (SLO)     
    Angela Green, JBSA http://www.jbsa.mil/Resources/Military-Family-Readiness/School-Liaison-Office/

SCUC-ISD CAMPUS Military Liaison Contact Person (SCUC-ISD CAMPUS Personnel)

  • Cibolo Valley Elementary: Susan Salinas, Counselor ssalinas@scuc.txed.net (210) 619-4710

  • Green Valley Elementary:  Kelly Krueger, Counselor, kkrueger@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4468

  • Norma Paschal Elementary:  Belen Jimenez-Valles, Counselor       bjimenezvalles@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4502

  • Rose Garden Elementary:  Jennifer Sherman, Counselor   jsherman@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4354

  • Schertz Elementary:  Rina Belardi, Counselor  smorenobleardi@scuc.txed.net (210) 619-4652  

  • Sippel Elementary:  Kaytee Lora, Teacher  klora@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4605

  • Watts Elementary:   Kim Nipper, Counselor  nhartley@scuc.txed.net   (210) 619-4405

  • Wiederstein Elementary: Denise Orona, Counselor  dorona@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4554

  • Jordan Intermediate:  Salina Rosales, Counselor  srosales@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4257

  • Schlather Intermediate: Lara Martin, Counselor  lmartin@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4312

  • Wilder Intermediate:   Sarah Dean, Counselor,  sdean@scuc.txed.net (210) 619-4206

    * Our Military Support Specialists,  Mr. Ronnie Williamson (rwilliamson@scuc.txed.net) and Ms.Tina Barber (tbarber@scuc.txed.net) also serve as a resource for the
      K-6 counselors regarding military-connected students

  • Corbett Junior High:   Dr. Delvoda Harris, Assistant Principal   dharris@scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4155
      Tina Barber, Military-Connected Student Support Specialist  tbarber@scuc.txed.net (210) 945-4181

  • Dobie Junior High:  Mari B. Hadas, Teacher mhadas@scuc.txed.net     (210) 619-4101 
                                      Ronnie Williamson, Military-Connected Student Support Specialist   (210) 945-4121

  • Clemens High School:  Terri Henry, Assistant Principal  thenry@scuc.txed.net  (210) 945-6509
                                            Tina Barber, Military-Connected Student Support Specialist  tbarber@scuc.txed.net  (210) 945-6526

  • Steele High School:   Rubina Sanchez, Lead Counselor,  rsanchez@Scuc.txed.net  (210) 619-4079
    Ronnie Williamson, Military-Connected Student Support Specialist  rwilliamson@scuc.txed.net  (210) 945-4121

  • Allison Steele Enhanced Learning Center: Nechelle Dolata, CIS Counselor   ndolata@scuc.txed.net  (210) 945- 6461

NEW!!!!   2022-2024  SCUC-ISD Purple Star Schools Announced!
                                          The Texas Education Agency recently released NEW and RENEWED Purple Star Designated
BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following SCUC ISD Campuses for their TEA designation as a Purple Star School! The Purple Star designation is recognized across the         
United States as schools that provide high-quality support to meet the needs of military-connected  students and their families. This year’s Purple Star designees comprise the largest group in the program’s history, nearly quadrupling the number of campuses designated last year. Nearly 200 campuses across the state applied for the designation, reflecting the commitment of Texas educators to bring the needs of military-connected students and families to the forefront. The Lone Star State is second nationally in the number of military-connected students it educates in public schools.  

Adding as our NEW Purple Star Schools are:
                Paschall Elementary School  2022-2024
                Rose Garden Elementary School 2022-2024
                Wilder Intermediate School 2022-2024

           Our RENEWED Purple Star Schools are:
                 Clemens High School  2020-2022, 2022-2024
                 Dobie Junior High School  2020-2022, 2022-2024
                 Steele High School, 2020-2022, 2022-2024

           Our CURRENT Purple Star Campuses, including the schools listed above:
                 Cibolo Valley Elementary School 2021-2023
                 Corbett Junior High School 2021-2023
                 Green Valley Elementary School 2021-2023

2021-2023 Six SCUC-ISD Campuses are Texas Education Agency Designated PURPLE STAR SCHOOLS! 

We are thrilled to announce that TEA has designated the following schools as Purple Star Campuses: 2020-2022: Dobie Junior High School, Clemens High School, Steele High School. 2021-2023: Corbett Junior High School, Cibolo Valley Elementary School and Green Valley Elementary School. The designation is a two-year recognition. Schools may reapply for continued designation based on past and future support for military students and families.

In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed SB 1557, providing a designation for certain school district campuses that take actions to assist military-connected students. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) then created the Purple Star Campus Designation that follows the requirements as outlined in SB 1557.
TEA awarded the first Purple Star Campus Designations in 2020. Each of the four SCUC-ISD schools in the DoDEA grant have been awarded the Purple Star Campus Designation.
The Purple Star Campus Designation criteria include:
• an active campus-based military liaison
• maintain an updated website with information for military-connected families
• a campus transition program that includes specific opportunities and processes to welcome new students
• at least one initiative that includes local community government, recognition of military-connected students or opportunity for local Active Duty involvement on campus.

CONGRATULATIONS to these amazing campuses for their support of our military community!

      Logo TEA  TEA has a special section on its website to support military students and families!   

For more specific district information, contact SCUCISD by phone at (210) 945-6200, send an email to feedback@scuc.txed.net