Parent Workshops

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I am thrilled to announce that the Military Child Education Coalition will be offering Parent to Parent workshops this year for all Sippel parents (not just military).  The Parent to Parent program will provide informative and interactive parent workshops here at Sippel throughout the year.  The workshops will begin at 8:00 and last from 30-60 minutes.  They are designed for parents of elementary school age children. 

     Scheduled Workshops for the 2017-2018 school year:

    September 27: Back to School Basics—Make this your best school year ever!  This workshop explores how parents can help improve their students’ school performance.  It provides common sense tips and research-based approaches explaining how children learn and ways to best prepare to learn.

    October 25: Coping Skills for Kids—This workshop will help parents understand the importance of raising resilient children.  We will identify opportunities to build and strengthen resiliency skills in children during times of transition.

    November 29: Creating Stronger Families—In this workshop we will look at the qualities that make our families strong, and learn strategies and activities that can strengthen our families even more.

    December 13: Benefits of Cooking with Kids—Do you cook with your kids?  It is not as time consuming as it might seem.  From stirring to shredding, there are many kitchen activities your child will enjoy.  Come join us for a workshop that includes simple recipe and great activity ideas.  (There will not be any actual cooking at this workshop.)

    January 17:  Time Management for Kids—This workshop will provide parents a range of tools and techniques they can use to help their children manage time to accomplish specific tasks, projects, and goals.

    February 28: Learning Styles—This workshop teaches parents about the various learning styles and how to identify what style works best for their child.  This will help parents capitalize on their child’s strengths at school and at home.

    March 21: Elementary Post-it Notes/Showcase Portfolio—Does your child bring home a seemingly endless trail of papers from school?  Join us to learn how these papers can become a tool in teaching your child about goal setting. 

    May 23: Preventing Summer Slide—This workshop will uncover simple ways that parents can engage their children in educational activities during the summer without their kids even noticing they are doing it!

    Mrs. McClain

    Sippel Elementary School

    (210) 619-4604