About Not on Our Campus

  • A Not on Our Campus Campaign (NOOC) is an ongoing commitment to empower students to create safe and inclusive environments that are free of ant-gay harassment, bigotry, racism, and all forms of intolerance. 

    A Not On Our Campus campaign mobilizes students to be “upstanders” who take action to stand up for themselves and others and create a campus climate that reflects the values of safety, respect, and inclusion in these ways:

    Identification of Problems of Intolerance

    The focus is on problems that result from students harassing, intimidating or being exclusionary and hateful. Often harassment is based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, or disability. The first step is to start with dialogue about the particular problem.

    Provide feedback about concerns of intolerance at Clemens can be provided using this Google Form.

    Solutions Defined by Students and Peer-to-Peer Actions

    Students are supported in defining the problems and solutions needed to incorporate peer-to-peer actions, make their campuses safe and help bystanders gather the courage to become upstanders.

Help Create a School Climate of Safety, Respect, and Inclusion

  • Be aware of Hate or Bias Incidents

    Notice when treatment towards yourself or others is a bias-based act of bullying, harassment, or intimidation that goes against the SCUCISD Student Code of Conduct (English/Español).

    Be an Upstander

    Be someone who speaks up and stands up for yourself and others to stop harm from taking place and to support people targeted for hate.

    Be Inclusive

    Make people of all backgrounds feel safe, respected, and valued.

    Be Proactive

    Report acts of hate or bias to...

    • Teachers
    • Teacher's Assistants
    • Counselors
    • Administrators

    Anonymous reports can be made through the P3 Campus Reporting System.

What is Not on Our Campus?

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