Speech Therapy

  •  Welcome to Mrs. Zoldey's Speech Class

    Hello my name is Sabrina Zoldey and this is my sixth year at Wiederstein Elementary. I have a wonderful husband and we have been married for 19 years. Without his love and support, I could have never finished my education or achieved my goals and dreams. I currently have four beautiful children: Lauren-18, Zachary-15, Evan-11, and Brooke-6. We just took my oldest baby to college at Angelo State University where she will play basketball for the Belles in addition to pursuing a degree with the area of Physical Therapy.

     I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for about 15 years. I chose to pursue this profession when I was diagnosed as having a tongue thrust while I was a sophomore in high school. Following this, I began intensive treatment for about 1 year from a Speech-Language Pathologist that specialized in Myofunctional Speech Therapy. I was amazed at the results and the difference it made in my ability to communicate. Following high school, I applied for college and began working on pursuing a degree within the area of Communication Sciences and Disorders.  I then received my Bachelor of Science in 1997 from Texas Woman's University. Three years later I had my son Evan. At this point, I had three children and thought I was finished with my education; however, due to my passion  to help children with communication disorders, I chose to pursue a Master of Science. With the love and support from my amazing children and husband, I began working on my degree in 2003. One year later my fourth child was born. At this point, I thought my dream was over; however at this point I knew I must take things on step at a time, there was no need to rush, like learning to fly or falling in love, it's gonna happen when it is supposed to happen and we find the reasons why, one step at a time. In 2006, I completed by Master's Degree from Nova Southeastern University.

    I am so excited about working with all the amazing professionals within our Wiederstein family in addition to another an amazing group of children this year!

    942008_20504_0.png  Expect the unexpected with good communication skills!942008_24322_1.jpg


    “ Most people take the ability to communicate for granted”      
    Speech language pathology :  the study and treatment of human communication disorders, that include disorders of speech, language and swallowing.
    Speech language pathologist: A professional who specializes in the evaluation, treatment and prevention of speech (articulation, fluency, and voice) and language disorders.
    Speech-language pathologists serve individuals, families,
    groups, and the general public through a broad range of professional activities.
    To identify, define, diagnose, treat and research disorders of human communication and swallowing and assist in localization of diseases and conditions.
    Educate, supervise, and mentor future speech-language pathologists.
    Serve as case managers and service delivery coordinators.
    Caters to broad array of disorders involving:
       - Language in oral, written, graphic, and manual modalities
       - Language processing skills, pre literacy skills including phonological awareness
       - Swallowing, resonance, voice and upper aero digestive tract disorders
      - Cognitive aspects of communication
      - Hearing impairment
      - Stammering ( Fluency disorders)




    Progress Reports: Will go home sometime around October 30th.


    Speech Therapy Schedule: I will be at Wiederstein Monday thru Friday:
    7:30a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    My extension is: (210)-619-4564




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