Nurse's Information






    My name is Sharon Nodine and I am very excited to be the Rose Garden School Nurse.  With a growing number of students, our goal is to keep a healthy environment for our students and staff.  

    Remember that orders for medications must have a doctor's signature annually. ALL medication must be brought to campus by a parent, guardian or a designated adult. Paperwork prequires a parent and healthcare providers signature. 

    State mandated vision, hearing and Type 2 Diabetes screenings are done on students in Pre-K, kindergarden, 1st and 3rd grade, in the first 120 days of school. Parents will be notified if their child does not pass one or more of these screenings, or if I am unable to test your student. Students in 2nd and 4th grade may be screened if time permits.

    Please add a change of clothes in your students backpack if they are in Pre-K, kindergarden or first grade. Occastionally students will have bathroom accidents.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please email or call me during school hours.



    clinic phone- 210 619-4353

    fax- 210 619-4369