Classroom Norms

  • Important Classroom Information

    Birthdays are SO special! We will celebrate birthdays at school after rotations. Please feel free to send in cupcakes or donuts (District policy states that all snacks served to the class must be store bought and have the nutrition label included, for safety reasons).  We ask for a 24 hour notice on treats brough in so we can prepare for students with food allergies. 


    If your child is absent for ANY reason, please send an excuse note! Please include the date of absence and your child's name and ID number. Thank you!



  • Students will be given a homework choice board every 2 weeks. They are expected to complete 5 activities by the due date. These activities are directly aligned to what is being covered in class. 

Snack in the Classroom

  • We provide each student time to eat a snack near the end of the day. Students are expected to continue working during our snack time. Because this is a working snack we ask that only clean, healthy snacks are sent to school. Snacks that leave residue on fingers can make student books and assignments dirty.

    Students are encouraged to bring in water bottles to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Classroom Expectations Powerpoints