• April 7, 2020


    Dear SCUC Parents and Guardians:


    Yesterday, I mentioned that SCUC ISD would be engaging our parents in a discussion about our response to Covid-19 and what the district needs to consider as we move forward together. Our process and tool for this conversation is located in the first section below.


    As I normally do in these communications, I’d also like to update our families on a couple of other evolving issues.  They are located below as well.


    Parent Feedback via Thoughtexchange


    In an effort to engage our parents and seek your feedback as we navigate operating in a remote environment, SCUC will be trying out a new feedback tool for us, Thoughtexchange.  Thoughtexchange is different from regular survey instruments because it allows the public to see each other's thoughts and rate them. Higher rated thoughts/comments move to the top, lower rated ones don’t.  For more information on how it works, see this video.


    We are asking our parents to take five minutes today and five minutes tomorrow to provide us your thoughts on the following exchange: What are some of the most important challenges we need to think about as we respond to COVID-19 and prepare for the future?


    Please use (this link) to sign up and begin sharing your thoughts. We are looking forward to this conversation and learning from you, our parents.


    Exercising at SCUC ISD facilities


    Superintendents, like most leaders, have to make difficult decisions that balance the needs and desires of different, oftentimes competing, interests.  One of my recent decisions was in respect to the use of SCUC ISD outdoor facilities for exercise for the community during this time of social distancing.  


    One one hand, the Governor and others have been promoting exercise and allowing residents to exercise outdoors provided they maintained social distance of six feet or greater.  SCUC has a number of facilities available for community exercise use, and these facilities were paid for by you, the taxpayers. We want to be a good neighbor, a partner with our community and good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us.  On the other hand, since the latest Governor’s Executive Orders we have been seeing local governments restrict access to parks with the exception of walking trails. There is definitely a community interest in restricting the possible spread of Covid-19. 


    I initially felt that we should keep many of our school parks and pavilions open to community use, as long as residents abided by the CDC recommended social distancing guidelines. It has been brought to our attention that some of these facilities have been used with residents in closer contact than recommended.  With that in mind, we have closed all SCUC ISD school playgrounds and pavilions effective this afternoon, April 7th.


    At this time, the track and turf at Lehnhoff Stadium will remain open for community use, provided residents practice social distancing as outlined in Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders.  If we see patrons congregating closer than six feet, we reserve the right to close that facility, too. Parents, if you have students who might go to the stadium to work out, please discuss this with them.  Signage at the stadium has been updated to reflect this information.


    As I mentioned in one of my very first letters to parents in March, we are making thousands of decisions in this unique time.  Some decisions will be great and others less so. We continue to update and change procedures as new information becomes available or our thinking changes.  Thank you for working with me and our district and campus leaders as we navigate this evolving situation.


    Student Feeding Adjustment (Effective 4/13/20)


    SCUC ISD has been feeding students remotely since March 16th.  We are continually making changes and adjustments to our process as we receive new guidance from the Texas Department of Agriculture and as we explore ways to feed more students, more efficiently. 


    Beginning Monday, April 13, 2020, SCUC ISD will distribute meals on Mondays and Wednesdays only, and only at lunchtime.  The meals will still include breakfast and lunch for school days Monday-Friday, but we will only distribute them twice a week, and only during lunch.


    None of our current locations are changing, and the lunch delivery time periods are not changing either.  The meals distributed are listed below.


    • Monday Distribution
      • Monday’s Lunch
      • Tuesday’s Breakfast and Lunch
      • Wednesday’s Breakfast
    • Wednesday Distribution
      • Wednesday’s Lunch
      • Thursday’s Breakfast and Lunch
      • Friday’s Breakfast and Lunch
      • Monday’s Breakfast


    Once again I would like to thank our tremendous community for banding together to work through this crisis. I’m looking forward to hearing from you through our Thoughtexchange.


    Stay safe, stay strong, stay together!



    Clark C. Ealy, Ph.D.

    Superintendent of Schools