• June 24, 2020


    Dear SCUC Parents and Guardians:


    I hope that each of you are able to enjoy this summer break and that you and your loved ones are staying healthy. One of the biggest topics of conversation this summer is wondering what school will look like next fall and what options might be available for SCUC ISD families.  As you may know, we have a task force of administrators and teacher leaders developing multiple plans, and we have been waiting for additional guidance from the state to help these various options take shape.  


    State Guidance


    Last week Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas public schools would be open for in-person instruction in the fall, and that parents would have the option to have their students taught in a remote environment if they so choose.  This remote instructional option allows schools to meet the educational needs of students whose own health or the health of family members makes in-person instruction problematic.  It also allows students whose parents just feel uncomfortable with returning to school the ability to receive quality instruction.  


    Yesterday afternoon, Commissioner of Education Mike Morath addressed school superintendents and lawmakers regarding some of the requirements for remote instruction.  School leaders learned about remote learning plans in respect to instructional time requirements, grading practices, testing and accountability concerns and how schools would be funded for students in remote instruction.  The information we learned will help our instructional task force further refine the remote learning option.


    Unfortunately, school leaders and legislators on yesterday’s call did not receive any information about health and safety requirements for students participating in in-person instruction. So, while we know that we will be having school on our campuses for many to most of our students, school officials don’t have any more information about requirements and restrictions and their impact on in-person education.  We are being told to expect additional guidance from the state within the next week to 10 days, so please be on the lookout for an additional letter from me summarizing what we learn at that time.


    Know this, SCUC ISD will have in-person instruction and will offer remote instruction for those who choose the remote option or those who must quarantine for a short period of time. Our plans prioritize the safety of students and staff and will be flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of our families and community.


    Parent Survey


    As we continue our preparations for next school year, we are in need of feedback from our families.  SCUC needs to get an idea of how comfortable parents are in regards to sending your children back to school.  Your participation in this survey will assist us in planning for the various scenarios discussed earlier in this letter.  Our plan is to send this survey to parents in early July. 


    Sending the survey to parents in a couple of weeks will allow SCUC to review state guidelines and how they will impact our in-person instructional plan.  We also hope to be able to better describe what instruction might look like in the fall for both in-person and remote learning.


    Student Registration


    Part of our planning process is determining the number of students we will be serving next school year.  Updating your student’s registration is important every year, but it is even more vital this year. If you have not done so, please go online to complete your student’s school registration so that we can ensure we are appropriately staffed for next year (link).


    SCUC ISD Teachers and Staff


    I cannot begin to express how proud I am of our SCUC teachers and staff who met the challenges and transformed teaching and learning so quickly last spring.  Our staff’s hard work and dedication to meeting your students’ needs was overwhelming to witness.  As our teachers and other campus staff are resting and preparing for next year, we must all realize the challenges that lie ahead.  As a system, SCUC will have to offer a comprehensive instructional program for students at school and those at home … at the same time. 


    Please know that district and campus leaders, curriculum coordinators and select teachers will soon begin creating and curating resources for our teachers to help lesson design and delivery for students in remote learning. SCUC ISD is also moving forward with the purchase of a learning management system (LMS) which will allow students in school and at home to participate in learning more fully.  We will have more information for our teachers and staff including professional development opportunities and implementation timelines over the next month.


    I am continually struck by the support and resiliency of the SCUC community. The last three months have been difficult for families, for our staff and especially for our kids. Parents, thank you for believing in us as a district, allowing us to take some chances and forgiving us when we fell short.  Working together, we will put into place a flexible learning environment that will meet the needs of our students.  


    Stay safe, stay strong, stay together!



    Clark C. Ealy, Ph.D.

    Superintendent of Schools