Remote Instruction for All SCUC ISD Students Through Labor Day (Headline)

  • SCUC ISD schools will open for instruction on Thursday, August 13 with all students participating through remote instruction until Tuesday, September 8. Board Trustees unanimously approved the recommendation by staff to go exclusively with remote learning during the first three-plus weeks of school for the fifteen campuses located in Guadalupe County at a called meeting held this evening.

    Last week, San Antonio Metro Health ordered all Bexar County schools, which includes Corbett Junior High School and Rose Garden Elementary School, to close through the Labor Day weekend due to COVID-19 pandemic. Both In-person instruction (SCUC on Campus) and Remote instruction (SCUC @ Home) will be available to students on September 8.

    Parents will be given additional time and flexibility during the first two weeks of the remote instruction window to decide what method of instruction best works for their children.

Parent Survey Access

  • For those families who may not have received the survey via email from Panorama, the link below may be used for your student(s). Please be sure to fill out the survey for each student you will have in the district next year. (ie: 2 students in the district would mean filling out the survey 2 times, once for each student). 

School Start Update - July 16, 2020

  • There is a great deal of information circulating in the media about when and how schools will be able to open in the fall.  The Commissioner of Education will provide updated guidance on Friday (7/17), and we are hearing that the Governor will make an announcement regarding any adjustments to the Open Texas plan soon.  We are monitoring any changes to school requirements as well as the feedback we are receiving from our parent and staff surveys. Please know that our leadership team is considering the implications of any potential adjustments on students, staff and parents.


  • Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD is committed to providing rigorous, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)-based instruction to all students, even through the many challenges that Covid-19 presents. While we recognize that this will be a challenging year, SCUC is embracing the opportunity to expand and maximize learning for all students. Toward that end, SCUC ISD will offer two instructional options: SCUC @ Home (remote instruction) and SCUC On Campus (in-person instruction) for all students for the 2020-21 school year. 


    Parent Survey 

    We are asking parents to select an instructional model (On Campus or @ Home) in a separate parent survey scheduled to be emailed on July 16. Please review the following carefully prior to making your decision. 

    • SCUC Health and Safety Protocols (link)   
      • This document details health screening, cleaning, distancing and other measures for staff and visitors as well as students enrolled in On Campus instruction 
    • SCUC On Campus Instructional Plan (link) 
    • SCUC On Campus Instructional Plan - Spanish Version (link)
    • SCUC @ Home Instructional Plan (link)
      • The remote learning plan (SCUC @ Home) will differ greatly from the emergency remote plan we used in the Spring of 2020. 
    • SCUC @ Home Instructional Plan - Spanish version (link)
    • SCUC @Home Special Education Plan (link)
    • Frequently Asked Questions (link) 
    • Extracurricular Health and Safety Guidelines (link)
    • Secondary Extracurricular Information for SCUC @Home (link)

    We ask that parents complete the remote learning survey no later than Sunday, July 19

    Parents may change their Instructional Plan choice up until two weeks before school starts (July 30).  The final two weeks before schools will allow staff to finalize staffing and student schedules. Students will remain in their instructional setting until the end of the first grading period (approximately nine weeks) before a change can be made to their instructional program. 


    Help with the Parent Survey

    If you have not received an email link to the parent survey by the end of the day on Thursday, July 16, please check your spam folder.  if you don't receive an email from Panorama Education or have trouble accessing the survey, please contact Panorama Education at

    For parents of students moving to new schools in the fall (i.e. 5th grade at intermediate, 7th grade at junior high) the Parent Survey is still tracking to your child’s 2019-20 school.  Please continue to complete the survey.  Next week our district computer system will automatically roll students to next school year.  The information you submit will go to their new school next year.

    Student Registration 

    Just a reminder, in order for students to participate in any instructional program (On Campus or @ Home), all students must register. SCUC ISD utilizes online student registration in our TxConnect Parent Portal (Link). Online registration must be completed for each returning student in the district prior to the start of the new school year. The process typically takes only a few minutes per student, and allows you to verify that all of your student's data is correct and provide updates for any important information that has changed, such as contact phone numbers, emergency contacts, and student health history. 


    Reminder: The first day of school is Thursday, August 13.