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Child Nutrition Department honored

SCUC ISD’s Child Nutrition Department was celebrated as one of the Prime Players in the USDA Foods Challenge across the state by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Ninety-three schools took part in the challenge, with SCUC and 19 other school districts completing the challenge of using 95% or greater of their allocated commodity entitlement to feed students.


Notification of the award actually came in the fall of 2023, but the honors were formally recognized at the TDA’s annual conference in Austin on May 14-16. Sid Miller, TDA Commissioner, was on hand to pose for a photo with Amiee Harkins, Assistant Director of the Child Nutrition Department, and Vivi Lasala, who serves as the accountant for the department.


“We’ve always been a school district that uses its commodities,” said Maggie Cornejo, Director of the Child Nutrition Department. “Whatever we are allocated by the state we like to use strategically.”


Some of the uses include a collaboration with the Culinary Arts departments at Samuel Clemens High School and Byron P. Steele High School, with input from teachers and students helping develop future menus at the respective campuses.