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5th Grade Students

5th grade rotates to all Fine Arts- Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra.  Use this chart to find which of these you will start on Thursday.  Look at the group that has the initial of the student's LAST NAME.

Use the chart below.  Look for the group that has the initial of the student's last name. 

A-E is Art first

F-L is Band first

M-R is Choir first

S-Z is Orchestra first

Next find your child's special class below.  Check their schedule to see if they have Specials during second period or third period.  It will be the same as their PE.

Art Codes (A-E):

2nd period - yhhhfvu

3rd period - 6e7kp4v

Band Codes (F-L):

2nd period - rabdikx

3rd period - j67lov6

Choir Codes (M-R):

2nd period - nkiifet

3rd period - erkvyg3

Orchestra Codes (S-Z):

2nd period - u7lahiz
3rd period - 5i5wbyd


9 Week Course

  1. Will I need to purchase any materials or instruments for my child?

    • Students will not need to purchase anything to be successful in this class.

  2. How is the course structured?

    • Students will attend band for a 5 week portion in the fall semester and learn concepts of musicianship as they apply to being in band. Students will be introduced to the qualities of band instruments offered in beginning band.

    • In the spring semester, students will revisit band for 4 weeks. We will continue learning music fundamentals and begin the instrument selection process for all students interested in band.