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Exciting News! Varsity Tutors Is Now Available

Exciting news, SCUC Families! Varsity Tutors is now available to every student in SCUC. Varsity Tutors offers a wealth of learning resources.
With Varsity Tutors, you can access:
- 24/7 On-Demand Chat Tutoring for Homework Help
- Live Small Group Classes
- On-Demand Essay Review
- College & Career Readiness classes
- Technology Coding and Enrichment Classes
How do students access Varsity Tutors?
Students can access Varsity Tutors using their SCUC Classlink. Just look for the Varsity Tutors icon on the student's Classlink dashboard. It's that easy!
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to excel in your studies!
Do you need help with accessing and using the student Classlink dashboard? Click the link for helpful information:
Questions about accessing Varsity Tutors? Email Serena Georges-Penny at

Varsity Tutors