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Four School Board Trustees sworn in

Four school board members were sworn in at the regular meeting of the SCUC ISD Board of Trustees on November 16th, held at Dobie Junior High School, three of them new to the position. Ed Finley, who won re-election, took the oath along with Amy Thomas, Dan Swart and Belinda Evans, who are in their first term as Board Trustees. The election results were canvassed and certified at a called meeting held November 15th.

SCUC ISD then reorganized its officers, installing Jerry Perkins as President, Mr. Finley as Vice-President, Letticia Sever as Secretary, and Ms. Evans as Assistant Secretary. The law requires a school board to reorganize by electing a president and secretary at the first meeting after an election and qualification of trustees. Local policy may also provide for the election or appointment of other officers and committees the board deems necessary.

Outgoing Trustees Amy Driesbach, David Pevoto and Gary Inmon were thanked for their years of service on the school board. They were given an opportunity to address the Trustees, Superintendent Dr. Clark Ealy and members of the community in attendance. Dr. Ealy then presented each departing Trustee with a years of service award as a small measure of thanks for their commitment to the education of the children in the SCUC ISD community.


SCUC ISD Board of Trustees 2021-2023

Jerry Perkins – Place 1 – President

Ed Finley – Place 4 – Vice-President

Letticia Sever – Place 3 – Secretary

Belinda Evans – Place 7 – Assistant Secretary

Amy Thomas – Place 5 – Trustee

Dan Swart – Place 6 – Trustee

Robert Westbrook – Place 2 - Trustee