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Teacher Appreciation Week

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 is National Teacher Appreciation Day as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, observed May 2-6, 2022. Every student in our district, and by extension, our SCUC ISD community, is better because of the dedication, instruction, kindness and role models embodied by the men and women in education. They bring out the best in students, encouraging and pushing harder to extract the absolute best academic and social-emotional outcomes in every student. 

But they do so much more. Teachers advocate for their students, they care about their lives outside the classroom, provide wise counsel, and influence their lives for the better.  

It is impossible to measure their impact as a stabilizing force during the pandemic. Teachers have been on the frontlines, helping many navigate the impact the pandemic has had on our children. They continue doing everything in their power to help our kids adjust and adapt to the changes our world has experienced over the past two years.

Teachers enter the profession as an act of service. Reaping the benefits of that service often comes in the form of a “thank you” or a note to let them know that they made a difference in someone’s life, hearing that someone enjoyed their class, or was made to feel safe. 

A Chinese proverb states, “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”. Let us value and cherish those who make a lifelong impact on the lives of others.