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Trustees listen to HS student feedback

SCUC ISD Board Trustees went on listening and learning visits to seek feedback from high school students on what the district is doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement on May 13, 2022. Students represented were selected at random and spanned all of the grade levels. They were given free rein to speak on matters important to their educational experience and social-emotional health. 

Jerry Perkins, Board President, was joined by Amy Thomas and Robert Westbrook at Byron P. Steele High School and Samuel Clemens High School. Belinda Evans, Assistant Board Secretary, took part in the meeting held at Allison L. Steele Enhanced Learning Center.

Dr. Clark Ealy, Superintendent of Schools; Dr. Damon Edwards, Deputy Superintendent; and Ernie Reynolds, Director of Secondary Education, also were present at the discussions. 

Priority 3 - Highly Satisfied Students, Parents and Community