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Dobie JHS teacher becomes published author

Inspiration to author a children’s book can come from the unlikeliest of places. For Barb Dougherty Gang, it happened when she dropped off one of her children at college, and while on the drive back, she heard a song about “loneliness” on the radio.


“It made me think of how my son would play in his room and use his imagination,” said Ms. Gang. “I loved how he would just continue to play.”


Using those experiences as a backdrop, the seventh grade Reading/Language Arts and English as a Second Language teacher at Dobie Junior High School was stirred to write, When I Am Lonely, penned six years ago but only published in late November. The story takes you into the mind of how young boys who might feel lonely at times use their imaginations to dream about their futures and possible careers, all while being loved by their family. 


Galvanized by that experience, Gang formulated a second story, When I Get Lonely, emanating from similar experiences shared with her three daughters, Kareena, Kellie, and Samantha, and published simultaneously with her first children’s book. Neither book would have been possible without the family’s overarching love of reading.


“There were nights where we would read eight to ten books,” Gang recounts. “So I wanted to be able to put my books out there that would hopefully make other kids love reading with their families as well.”


Gang has a wellspring of stories bubbling underneath the surface. She hopes to continue writing other children’s books in addition to some other types of literature such as screenplays, short stories, and possibly even some novels.


“This is something I feel is one of my biggest accomplishments,” she said. “Just the idea of somebody sitting at home reading my book to their kid would fill my heart.”