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Purple Star Award

The Texas Education Agency is pleased to announce that your campus has fulfilled the requirements, demonstrating support and commitment to meeting the unique needs of military connected students and their families, earning the Purple Star Campus Designation.


The Purple Star Campus Designation is a special honor created by the 86th Texas Legislature through SB 1557.


Applicants must have met the following eligibility criteria: 

  1. Designate a campus-based military liaison. 
  2. Create and maintain an easily accessible web page that includes information on military-connected students and their families.
  3. Must have a campus transition program. 
  4. Offer at least one of the following initiatives: 

• A resolution showing support for military-connected students and families, 

• Participation in Month of the Military Child or Military Family Month, or 

• Partnership with a school liaison officer to encourage and provide opportunities for active duty military members.