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Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day

March 5th is Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day, an opportunity to thank the dedicated employees who keep our schools, libraries, gymnasiums and offices open. Maintenance workers, who include plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, carpenters, custodians and groundskeepers.

The value of their work has never been more evident since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring facilities were up to social distancing and cleanliness requirements to allow for in-person instruction when schools re-opened in the fall of 2020.  The entire facilities department went above and beyond to ensure a safe environment would be ready to serve our children and educators when they returned to the buildings.

During the February winter storm that gripped the entire state of Texas, SCUC ISD Maintenance Department employees began prepping the schools in anticipation of the frigid weather. They remained vigilant in their daily work, including weekends, throughout the icy conditions to minimize damage to facilities.  They visited every campus daily, inspecting facilities and initiating repairs to minimize any damage associated with the storm. Their actions allowed for the return to in-person instruction without further interruption when classes resumed Monday, February 22nd. 

Priority 2 – High-performing and Engaged Workforce