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March Attendance Recognition

Two monthly attendance trophies moved to new campuses in March while two remained in their current campus. Ryan Clark, district Safe School & Truancy Officer, delivered the traveling trophies to Norma J. Paschal Elementary School and Barbara C. Jordan Intermediate School after their stellar student attendance rates, whether by SCUC On Campus instruction or SCUC @ Home (remote learning).
Paschal and Jordan achieved a similar recognition in January.

The trophies for best attendance in the secondary schools level remained at Ray D. Corbett Junior High School and Samuel Clemens in the secondary division.

Attendance percentages in March:

Paschal - 97.05%

Jordan – 95.82%

Corbett – 96.78%

Clemens – 94.65% 

Not pictured: Rashad Ray, Corbett Junior High School.

SCUC Belief Statement one: “We believe all students have the capacity to learn and excel.”

Paschal Elementary School

Jordan Intermediate School

Clemens High School