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Robert Westbrook: Continuing the Commitment

Twelve years of service to children and public education were honored during a late-November reception at the Marion Dolford Learning Center, honoring outgoing SCUC Board Trustee Robert Westbrook. Mr. Westbrook chose not to seek re-election to focus on his successful campaign to win a spot on the City of Schertz City Council earlier that month. He has presided over several city council meetings for Place 5 since being sworn in.


Fellow board members, past and present, were on hand at the dinner served by the Samuel Clemens High School Culinary Arts Department. Joined by SCUC senior leadership, all were effusive in their praise for Westbrook’s commitment to improve the lives of students by maximizing the district’s resources as well as his continual support for its nearly 2,000 employees.


“Being on the board with Robert was a wonderful experience,” said David Pevoto, former SCUC principal and school board member. “One of the first things I learned was perspective. Robert taught me that. It all depends on your point of view.”


“All of us are much better off for him being with us,” added Ed Finley, Board President. “He’s going to be a great representative for the City of Schertz.”


Westbrook was then feted again with a special recognition during the school board meeting. Dr. Clark Ealy, outgoing Superintendent of Schools who retired on January 31, 2024, presented Mr. Westbrook with a gavel, to honor his service as a Board President, and a teardrop trophy memento, in school district colors, as a token of appreciation for his impact on SCUC ISD.


“Twelve years of service is significant,” said Dr. Ealy, noting students who were first graders when Westbrook began his stint on the board are now high school seniors, putting his stamp on an entire generation of students. “The impact that you have is going to be magnified over and over again. We’re going to miss you here.”


Given an opportunity to address the board, Westbrook became visibly emotional of his tenure, thankful that some of his colleagues past and present, served as mentors until he was able to grow into the position, thanking Pevoto and Finley as well as the late George Ricks and Scott Harrod. “They always encouraged me to do more, do better things and get involved,” he said.


While still at the lectern, Westbrook displayed a book he says he bought at an estate sale, dating back to 1970, titled Crisis in the Classroom. In it, he describes the issues facing public education over fifty years ago are remarkably similar to the current challenges, but the solutions may require different approaches to fit the current era. “Be steadfast,” he said encouragingly. “Be immovable in your effort to improve student outcomes.”


First elected in 2011, Westbrook served in a variety of roles, including Board President. In September of 2016, Mr. Westbrook was elected to a three-year term on the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Board of Directors, representing TASB Region 20, Position D, and subsequently re-elected for another. He is most proud of the Honor Board distinction attained by the Trustees in 2016, just missing out on School Board of the Year recognition.


With the naming of Mrs. Paige Meloni as the new Superintendent, Westbrook hopes the board coalesces in short order to continue to build on the reputation SCUC enjoys as a destination school district.


“This is all about team-building, and communication,” Westbrook said. “Establish a common vision moving forward for the betterment of student outcomes.”


He has already applied his counsel to himself, having already been sworn into his office on City Council. “You think you have a vision and then it will morph and change the longer you’re in office,” Westbrook said. “I want to keep the city’s small town feel. We have a lot of stakeholders that will have input into the vision I want to establish.”