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Continuous Improvement through Effective Schools Framework training

Principals from all eight SCUC elementary schools, and one high school principal and associate principal, attended the Effective Schools Framework symposium on August 28th at the Marion Dolford Center. Hosted by Education Service Center-20 (ESC-20), the goal of the session is to provide a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students.

The Effective Schools Framework was developed in conjunction with school and district leaders and included a national review of research about what makes high-performing schools excellent.

Shannon Allen, Coordinator for School Support and Leadership Development; and Jamie Goodwin, Consultant for School Support, both from ESC-20, helped lead the seminar discussion.

SCUC Belief Statement six: “We believe in a Professional Learning Community that fosters collaboration for continuous improvement.”

Effective Schools Frramework

Effective Schools Framework

Effective Schools Framework