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Teachers walk the shoes of the Visually Impaired


Twenty special education teachers and two SCUC ISD administrators placed themselves in the shoes of students, simulating the everyday challenges with visual impairment, in a professional development training at Schertz Elementary School last month. 

It began by having participants blindfolded even before they entered the classroom. They were guided into the room and spent the next hour familiarizing themselves with how a visually impaired student lives. That included trying to eat apple sauce with a spoon, completing an art project, socializing, walking to locations on campus and even trying to play catch. Teachers learned proper etiquette rules and accommodations to support a student and help them become as independent as possible.

SCUC Belief Statement two: “We believe a safe, secure and supportive environment is paramount to learning.”


Visual Impairment training

visual impairment training

visual impairment training

visual impairment training