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Beware of companies soliciting funds for SCUC ISD programs

SCUC ISD has received reports that a business going by the name of Sports Media, and formerly known as Touchdown Sports, has returned to engage in unscrupulous practices within the community. The company claims to work with extracurricular programs, and then sells advertising spots on T-shirts and other items. Currently, it is claiming to have a contract on behalf of Byron P. Steele High School with its cheerleaders and varsity sports programs.

SCUC ISD has no relationship with Sports Media, or by any other name it may be going by to solicit business. We urge any business who is contacted by Sports Media to notify your local police department.

Any for-profit business claiming to speak on behalf of SCUC ISD must have written permission, including the Superintendent’s signature, for any arrangement. If you have any further questions, please contact us at