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District receives nearly $17K in rebates from TASB Buyboard

SCUC ISD received a rebate check for almost $17,000 from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Buyboard on December 17th.  Wayne Pruski, Chief Financial Officer for the district, and Matt Rivera, Director of Purchasing, accepted the funds from TASB consultants Marisa Vickery and Lou Mireles.

The TASB Buyboard Local Government Purchasing Cooperative includes school districts, cities, counties, and other governmental entities throughout Texas. Many cooperatives charge an administrative fee to save members time and money as they perform the bidding process for members.  The TASB Buyboard however one of few who actually vote annually to return a portion of funds received back to their members, as allowed under Texas Statutes and Board policy the District participates in cooperative purchasing when appropriate. Over $9.1 million was returned to members this year in the form of rebates.

Priority 4 – Efficient District and Campus Operations

(From left to right: Marisa Vickery, TASB consultant; Wayne Pruski, SCUC Chief Financial Officer; Matt Rivera, SCUC Purchasing Director; and Lou Mireles, TASB consultant)

TASB Buyboard rebate