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SCUC ISD welcomes new employees

SCUC ISD welcomed 27 new employees during its New Hire Orientation on June 18th. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Clark Ealy greeted new staff members during the morning and afternoon session held at the Marion Dolford Learning Center. Teachers, diagnosticians, paraprofessionals, bus drivers and custodians were among the occupations filled by the new personnel at the two meetings.

“Thank you for choosing SCUC ISD,” said Dr. Ealy, who assumed his duties in February but also took part in the new hire orientation under the direction of the Human Resources Department. “This district is about success, but it’s also about people. We’re about family, inclusion and we’re about coming together.”


The new SCUC ISD employees are:

Katherine Adams – Byron P. Steele High School

John Alamo – Samuel Clemens High School

Ayanna Anderson – Corbett Junior High School

Matthew Boening – Samuel Clemens High School

Bernardo Castellanos – Dobie Junior High School

Jose Cuellar – Byron P. Steele High School

Aaron Duelm – Dobie Junior High School

MacArthur Eaglin – Transportation

Dr. Clark Ealy – Central Office

Latia Frederick – Paschal Elementary School

Kathryn Gotthardt – Wiederstein Elementary School

Lee Hair – Transportation

Jessica Hernandez – Byron P. Steele High School

Amparito Linares – Schlather Intermediate School

Deborah Murphy – Dobie Junior High School

Jose Noriega – Samuel Clemens High School

Melissa Olivares – Sippel Elementary School

Allyson Petersen – Dobie Junior High School

Priscilla Ringo – Byron P. Steele High School

Julissa Rivera – Byron P. Steele High School

Vickie Roberts – Byron P. Steele High School

Julie Rylander – Watts Elementary School

Amber Sadler – Special Education Department

Angela Schuster – Samuel Clemens High School

Ashley Ward – Rose Garden Elementary School

Dianna White – Sippel Elementary School

Amy Winstead – Byron P. Steele School 

Priority 2- High-performing and Engaged Workforce