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Commitment to Excellence/Years of Service tour continues

Commitment to Excellence/Years of Service recognition continued for SCUC ISD employees on September 4th as Curriculum and Academic Services, Special Education and Green Valley Elementary School staff were honored for meritorious service.

Dr. Clark Ealy, Superintendent of Schools, praised employees who were being acknowledged for Commitment to Excellence awards as well as those who attained years of service milestones. Anjie Pickett was doubly honored, recognized as the Specialist Educator of the Year and for ten years of service to SCUC ISD. Dr. Damon Edwards, Deputy Superintendent; and Linda Cannon, Chief Human Resources Officer; joined Dr. Ealy at the observances.  All in attendance at every program wore face coverings and observed social distancing guidelines to follow health and safety protocols.


Priority 2 – High-performing and Engaged Workforce

Curriculum & Academic Services  

Dr. Helen Whisenhunt – SCUC ISD Professional of the Year

Serena Georges-Penny – 5 years

Karen Blevins – 10 years

Marypaz Buitron-Gines – 15 years


Special Education Department


Anjie Pickett – Specialist Educator of the Year & 10 years of service

Caroline Holte-Gruebel – 5 years

Rebekah Russo – 5 years

Maria Gonzalez – 10 years

Tina Simpson – 15 years

Vanessa Engelhardt – 20 years

Kristie Hardcastle – 20 years


Green Valley Elementary School


Lori Knowlton – Green Valley ES Teacher of the Year

Maria Aguilar – 5 years

Maria Arevalo – 5 years

Monique Jarzombek – 5 years

Jennifer Benson – 10 years

Christine Huth – 10 years

Heather Bostick – 15 years

Amy Denman – 15 years

Leah Hurt – 15 years

Luanne Retzloff – 15 years

Tammy Hoegenauer – 20 years

Rhonda Penshorn – 20 years

Lillian Huffman – 25 years