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COVID-19 vaccines available for district high school students


The first round of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were provided to SCUC ISD high school students April 23rd.  Students attending Allison L. Steele Enhanced Learning Center joined those at Samuel Clemens High School in receiving the dose in the Clemens HS Auditorium. Meanwhile, Byron P. Steele High School students received their vaccinations in their school auditorium.

One thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine are being made available, with the second inoculation to take place on Friday, May 14th. Eighteen year olds can consent to the vaccine as adults; students aged sixteen and seventeen need signed parental consent forms to receive both doses. The vaccine is not available to anyone under sixteen years of age as of April 23rd.

Two emails informing parents of the availability of the vaccine were sent to parents of all high school students during the week of April 20th, with registration for the vaccine opening up on Monday, April 21st.

We gratefully acknowledge the members of the Schertz EMS and Cibolo EMS staff who administered the shots at Clemens High School and Steele High School, respectively. We also thank the countless district volunteers who assisted with the process at both campuses, as well as Letticia Sever, SCUC ISD school board Assistant Secretary.

Clemens HS student receives COVID-19 vaccine


Schertz EMS helped administer the vaccines

Steele HS student receives COVID-19 vaccine

Cibolo EMS paramedics helped administer the vaccines