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Clemens HS Top 20 Breakfast

Happy recollections, laughter and heartfelt thanks were expressed by the seniors ranked in the top twenty at the annual Samuel Clemens High School Top Twenty Breakfast, held on April 28th during in the auxiliary gym. Students introduced the teacher who had the greatest influence in their learning and social-emotional development during their time as a student in the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District.

Sixteen of the instructors celebrated by students currently teach at Clemens HS; four others praised by students impacted the students at the elementary or junior high level. Meanwhile, Christina Smith, a teacher at Clemens HS, was honored by her daughter, Emily, for her lifelong guidance and example.








Rank   Student                    Teacher

1          Katherine White         Brittney Hernandez

2          William Reichner        Mario Ramirez

3           Donavon Clay             Jessica Grant

4           Emma Jachimowicz   Laura Lauinger

5           Jordan Rochlitz          Kevin Baxter         

6           Madison Parker         Emily Bell

7           Crystal Engelken       Amanda Aguilar

8           Emma Ransom          Shelly Drumm (Corbett Junior High School)

9           Rachel Allin                Veronica Riordan

10         Kale Mooney             Brian Owens

11         Alicia Alonso              Marissa Wood

12         Emily Smith               Christina Smith

13         Grace Miller              Norma England (Norma J. Paschal Elementary School)

14         Tristan Figueras        Hannah Royal Peacock (private school)

15         David Johnson           Frank Martinez

16         Victoria Cicherski      Kristen Mumme

17         Angelique Trotter    Wendi Potts

18        Benjamin Reeder      Stacy Armstrong (Norma J. Paschal Elementary School)

19        Lena Sykes                  Debbie Adkison

20        Katelyn Kampman    Sarah Lozano