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Steele HS Top 20 Breakfast

The annual Byron P. Steele High School Top 20 Breakfast provided an opportunity for outgoing seniors in the highest echelons of the graduating class to thank their favorite teacher. The event was held April 30th in one of the school gymnasiums.

Students credited the one instructor who had the biggest impact on their lives. Eighteen of the instructors currently work at Steele HS. One teacher, Michele Blozis is at Green Valley Elementary School while another, Dr. John Kainer, is a professor at the University of the Incarnate Word.









Rank   Student                    Teacher

1          Kamille Kukleryte     Kristen Bailey

2          Hans Loja                  Amanda Hartson

3          Ifeoluwa Akinropo   Tony Fredrickson

4          Abbie Travis              Becky Williams

5          Cruz Untz                   Scott Thomas           

6          Calla Perdue              April Philips

7          Ruby Duka                 Katherine Barden

8          Alyssa French            Johanna House

9          Zoe Clark                    Debbie Barnes

10        Sergio Duque            Shawn Cyr

11        Emily Rappmund      Karla Friesenhahn

12        Garrett Walton         Kevin Jones

13        Jackson Battles         John Kainer (University of the Incarnate Word)

14        Raquel Escobedo      Linda Guerra

15        Denzel Papillon         Angelica Ramos

16        Riley Halcomb           Allison Fannin

17        Tivon Nguyen            Brandon Cheves

18        Dominick Bender      Michele Blozis (Green Valley Elementary School)

19        Caleigh Broome        Courtney Matthews

20        Tracy Berumen         M.Sgt. Sharita Johnson