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National Coaches Day

October 6th is National Coaches Day, and SCUC ISD honors the men and women on all of its campuses who inspire students to develop strong minds, body and spirit, and teaching a lifelong love of a positive and active lifestyle on all.

Coaches organize teams, plan practice and training, and motivate athletes to be the best they can possibly be. David White, Athletic Coordinator at Corbett Junior High School; and Rebecca Dierschke, Assistant Athletic Coordinator at Dobie Junior High School, are prime examples of coaches who are committed to the overall physical as well as social-emotional health of students.

“David and Becky both are vital members of their campuses,” said Scott Lehnhoff, SCUC ISD Director of Athletics.  “As coordinators, they are problem solvers.  At campuses with enrollments of over 1,200 apiece, they are met each day with a variety of challenges.  They are proactive in looking for solutions that are in the best interest of the kids they serve.  David and Becky have dedicated their careers to the students of SCUC ISD and are great examples for our young coaches and athletes.”

For many athletes, coaches teach them to focus and how to reach a goal – which sometimes is not about winning. Sometimes the achievement is an improvement, playing by the rules or learning respect for others, themselves, or the game.

Athletes aren’t the only people who benefit from coaches. In an academic setting, coaches lead individuals and teams in speech, chess, drama, and many other types of competition.

David White

Rebecca Dierschke